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Worming & Vaccinations


The Importance of a Sound Vaccination Program

Vaccination is a term with which every horse owner is familiar.  Moreover, many do not realize the importance of a well-planned vaccination program for horses.  A vaccination program, designed by a veterinarian, will help ensure the horses in a stable stay healthy and productive.  An effective and successful vaccination program against infectious diseases is an essential component and key management tool for any horse operation wishing to institute a preventative medicine program.  Horses, just like people, are constantly exposed to bacterial and viral organisms.  Many of these can cause mild to debilitating diseases.  This risk is especially significant when horses are shipped to tracks, farms, or other stables.  The more a horse is away from his home environment and mingled with other horses, the greater the chance of exposure to potential carriers of infectious diseases.  This is particularly true of respiratory diseases.  Infectious disease control programs, in conjunction with vaccination, are important in maximizing the health, productivity, and performance of a horse.  A veterinarian can help design a health program to reduce exposure to infectious disease agents in a horse’s environment to lessen the incidence of illness.  Disease control programs should be tailored to individual needs, with consideration given to ages, types, activities, and number of horses in the program.  The schedule below is a suggested vaccination schedule provided by the American Association of Equine Practitioners, and is based on generally accepted veterinary practices.

Recommended Equine Vaccination Schedule



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